Train the Trainer Training

We are now running tailored training face to face.
We are also offering fully remote training.
And hybrid training, with some
delegates in person and some attending via zoom.

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Training Exceptional Trainers

Our work is designed to develop or refresh the professional trainer's ability to run exciting and effective training programmes.

Not surprisingly, training professionals spend a substantial proportion of their time training others.

Delivering Exceptional Training

When trainers themselves receive training, it is usually aimed at familiarising them with the specifics of a new or revised module or programme.

But what about a trainer's ability, confidence and motivation to deliver those training programmes effectively?

What do the trainers get to help them kindle their creative spark?

We tailor train the trainer programmes to your specific training needs.

We always include material which will enhance the trainer's ability, confidence and motivation by developing and refreshing essential training skills.

Train The Trainer

See what it takes to become an Impact Factory Training Consultant running this programme.

Dynamic Training Programmes

Our Train the Trainer Training work can be tailored as an in-house programme to address specific issues within your company.

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Train The Trainer

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Train the Trainer Training

If you want to know more about our Train the Trainer Training and its suitability for you or your company call us on:

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You may well be able to speak directly to one of our trainers. If not, one of them will call you within 24 hours.

Training Course Accreditation

To ensure that the courses you attend are of the highest quality, offering the best professional tuition possible, all our Open Courses are evaluated and accredited.

This accredited course is suitable for corporate and public sector Continuing Professional Development Plans and Portfolios.

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