Timothy Musajjakawa

is a Finance and Company Manager at Impact Factory

Timothy Musajjakawa - Finance and Company Manager

Timothy joined Impact Factory in May 2010 as a temp and immediately impressed with his conscientiousness, order and wisdom.

An Accountant, who is exceptionally experienced, detail-oriented, organised, and enjoys working hard - exactly the type of person the company needed at the time of his joining.

He became our full time Finance Manager in September and has filled the role with great enthusiasm. He enjoys working with others and has fitted in well with the rest of the members of the company.

He loves getting things done efficiently and on time and Timothy continues to impress with his diligence and his calm and generous personality.

He has, working together with Michael, seen the successful integration of the company’s Customer Relations Management (CRM) and financial accounting systems.

Outside the office, Timothy continues to be actively involved in community work, and takes a lot of interest in immigration issues.

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