YHA - Creative Strategic Thinking Course

Delegate - Lauren Pethybridge Head of Food & Beverage 

Company - YHA

Lauren attended our Creative Strategic Thinking Course

 on 4th and 5th Nov 2013

Lauren said;

"I found the course really useful and have since used many of the tools demonstrated over the 2 days; I’ve even suggested that a few colleagues attend the session.

The biggest impact for me was at the starting point of a project/ plan was to think big, detail is the last element but by having a big focus from the start you can move through the process at a greater speed.

In the past, I have let the detail stop a plan from progressing if one part of the detail does not work but my thinking has shifted to keep the vision of thinking big and the end goal.

At a recent meeting I used the 6 hats and apart from the amusement factor from the attendees, I’ve since had really positive feedback about how engaging it was to use this process.

All the best, and thanks for a great couple of days,

Lauren "

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