Storyterrace - Time Management Course

Storyterrace - Time Management Course

Time Management Course

Robert Desmond - CFO

Company - StoryTerrace

Robert attended our Time Management  Course

on 15th August 2017

Robert said

"Impact Factory's time management course was life-changing for the better, I am extremely glad I invested just one day to learn and discover how to become significantly more efficient.

The course with Impact Factory has changed the life of a friend many years ago.

He admits to being unreliable and scatty until attending the course; the time management course taught him the importance of prioritisation and tools on how to do it effectively - as well as the importance of scheduling meetings correctly so as to turn up on time.

He was a completely different person coming out of it and became extremely successful in his career - he still pins a lot of his success on the course.

The same is true of my experience of the Time Management course; Tom taught us techniques through interactive exercises to help us change our ways in a meaningful way; in a way that would actually stick.

Changes to daily tasks that were achievable immediately - it has to work for you and this course helps you to realise that you are not superman and helps to spark change you can do."


Time Management Course

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Time Management Course

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