Royal Bank of Scotland - Public Speaking Course

Royal Bank of Scotland - Public Speaking Course

Delegate -  Irvine Magowan - Professional Capability Manager

Company -  Royal Bank of Scotland

Irvine attended our Public Speaking Course

on 28th November 2016

Irvine said:

"I did three presentations in the week after the course and used a number of the tools we used on the day which were included in the handout materials.

I think in particular being focused on ‘the conversation’ and involving the audience, has allowed me to remove the self-generated anxiety focussed on me.

The use of questions is critical, in particular, I’ve used it to ask my audience to tell me what their challenges are or can they see any correlation with the challenges I’ve mentioned and asked them to expand on their own experience.

I’ve then been able to leverage their own words to reaffirm the messages I’m trying to convey, whilst also getting their commitment by having shown empathy in listening to their concerns.

Focussing on what you want your audience to feel, know and do, is so important when constructing and preparing your approach to delivering your presentation.

I have also identified a mentor who delivers team effectiveness training to our top executives, in order to continue  the momentum on what I’ve learnt and I  hope will allow me to be a speaker, who ‘people want to listen too’ in the future."


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