Puig - Personal Impact Course

Delegate - Dominic Bain - Regional Manager

Company - Puig

Dominic attended our Personal Impact  Course

on 2nd November 2015

Dominic said:


"I just wanted to say a big thank you to yourself and Simon.

I really enjoyed the day and appreciated the relaxed environment, room set up, style and delivery (I hate classroom style training).

I found the content of the course really informative and beneficial and really enjoyed the section on Intent/Impact and the role play.

Since the course, I have been much more aware of people perceptions of me and have kept referring back to the course handouts before preparing for meetings.

I have been able to use a fair bit of what was covered in the course back in the office during meetings and small though it may be.

I did manage a small victory with one particular person and for once they actually listened to what I had to say and took on board my opinion RESULT!

Really finding the Effect not Blame Model key in preparing for meetings, laying things out neutrally and taking out personal feelings has had both a good impact on myself and colleagues."


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