Nevski Ltd - PowerPoint Presentation Course

PowerPoint Presentations Course

Delegate - George Andruszkiewicz - Trainer and CMC registered Workplace Mediator

Company - Nevski Ltd

George attended our PowerPoint Presentations Course

on 4th February 2019

George said:

"Like many professionals, I was self-taught in Powerpoint and having used it for both pitches and delivering training material, I thought it was timely to get some professional feedback on what I do, and how it could be improved.

Together with other delegates, I brought in some material and presented as I usually do.

The trainers were able to quickly create a sense of trust and positive, constructive.

We deconstructed our approaches and by the end of the day there was a sense that we had all gained more confidence and a higher level of ability.

Many of the assumptions that I previously had about what makes a good PowerPoint presentation were constructively challenged to good effect.

Having rewritten and represented my material later on the day, I experienced how I felt more confident in what I was putting across and I could sense that it was more dynamically received by my 'audience.'

I was also pleasantly surprised that each delegate can see a before and after video of themselves as an additional resource.

I highly recommend this course.



PowerPoint Presentations Course

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PowerPoint Presentations Course

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