Elexon - Personal Impact Course

Personal Impact  Course

Delegate - Jaye Nozarick - Operations Analyst

Company - Elexon

Jaye attended our Personal Impact  Course

on 21st February 2017

Jaye said:

Things have been going well since the training session with you and Isabel.

I’ve found that even without thinking about it I feel more ready to tackle things such as saying no and pushing back where necessary, so it has definitely been a big help!

I’ve continued using the confidence numbers technique although in a much more informal way of just reminding myself that I can choose what level I want, and not even needing to then choose a number.

I’ve also enjoyed having a bit of perspective from hearing about everyone’s different areas for development – I now understand that everyone has those areas and also that my inner talk is just for me, and no one else knows what’s going on so I still can choose how I come across.

Although we only had the 1 day we managed to cover so much but in a really useful way and I was impressed we managed to tackle the majority of what everyone wanted to despite the wide range of areas!

And I found all parts useful, even when it wasn’t directly related to me because you begin to understand what other people are thinking and how that affects the way they come across and so whether or not that should affect you and what you’re doing.

I also would like to mention that the whole group were really lovely, you both creating an environment that I believe we all felt safe sharing it.

I generally find it quite intimidating trying to get involved and contribute in a group, especially of strangers and I was slightly worried about being put on the spot before I arrived but I didn’t feel like that at any point during the day!

I much appreciate having Impact Factory available as a resource, and I will be in touch if I need anything!

Personal Impact  Course

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Personal Impact  Course

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