Coty - Conflict Management Training Programme

Conflict Management Training Programme

Delegate: Sandra Laflin - Project Manager Director

Company: Coty

Sandra attended our Conflict Management Training programme on 7th January 2019

Sandra said:

“The training for 16 people at Coty was great. It was very interactive with a lot of different “games” to simulate how to solve a conflict. Katherine & Kate are really good in their approach and manage to deliver many tools to help us in some conflict situation.

I think both trainers were very good and they tried to come to each of us when we were broken up in pairs and give individual feedback.

This part felt almost like a one-to-one tuition and I found it really useful because everyone has a different style and approach.

The hands-on examples and role plays were engaging and kept the attention high all day, in fact, the day went very quickly.

Thank you for arranging the Conflict management training. Please see my feedback below."

Importance of Preventing Conflict Early On

"Bringing the importance of relationship building and consciously preventing conflict before it manifests into a larger issue to the forefront of your mind.

The training, in general, makes you more ‘comfortable’ with conflict as you realise how common it is.

This realisation can then help in the prevention early on rather than avoiding by then utilising tools such as seeking first to understand, etc."


"Demonstrating effectively listening and highlighting common traits of poor listening, e.g. waiting to respond.

Key examples to look out for were “me too” or trying to solve an issue too quickly/ at all “why don’t you just…”

2 or a 10 Concept

"This was really interesting to observe everyone’s interpretation of how people behave at a 2 vs. a 10 and how well everyone lined up these behaviours in order.

I also thought this was a good tool to communicate what kind of day you might be having and as a reminder to yourself on when to assert yourself accordingly."

Impromptu Interactive Demonstration

"I thought this was the most beneficial part of the day as it allowed everyone to dive deeper into real life complications and demonstrated how you could best overcome them.

Overall, I found the training really beneficial and would recommend it to wider teams.

For me, the interactive element was most beneficial as it provided live examples of potential conflict that you could be facing”.

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