Consumer Council for Water - Assertiveness Training Course

Consumer Council for Water - Assertiveness Training Course

Delegate - Farah Hasson - Policy Support Officer

Company - Consumer Council for Water

Farah attended our Assertiveness Training Course

On 10th July 2017

Farah said:

Dear James and Sabah,

I was lucky enough to attend your assertive course back in July 2017. A lot happened in my life straight afterwards which stopped me following up with you on the recommendations and next steps forward, my apologies.

This might be late but the tips and exercises we shared during that course, alongside the lovely characters on that day, have not left me to this day.

There was the nice head teacher, the returning actress, the writer's PA, the reserved banker and the youthful intern receiving rude emails from the top dog. I still have the pictures of our work on the walls. thank you for all your insight and guidance.

My specific scenario was standing up to my new head of department who wanted me to do more for no pay. I was avoiding him as I believed he was bullying me and I was being too cowardly to put him in place. So one of my exercises was to practice telling him I will be leaving.

It's OK if you don't remember, I am confident you have had a thousand more clients since and potentially more interesting situations.
But I did take on all your input. It helped me understand myself in a better light; that I am actually assertive and confident on the outside but the energy is lost internally when I place unrealistic expectations on myself.

That same head of department expressed his regret to the whole team as I announced my departure and was sorry to lose me. I am now at a different public sector body chasing back what I originally studied at uni. During the first three months, my positive attitude and comfortable confidence was noticed by my own manager's manager. I am now a core member in an internal aspiring leaders group devising programmes to help colleagues attain leadership skills.

Being part of that assertiveness course was like a different world, one that I have since made sure I am actively living in. So thank you, I have recommended it to almost all friends and colleagues.

I would love to add you on Linkedin. Would you mind if I sent you a request?

Hope our paths cross again,
Have a great day,

Farah Hasson


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