British Legion - Personal Impact Course

Personal Impact Course

Personal Impact Course

Delegate - Natalie Skipper - County Welfare Officer

Company -

Natalie attended our Personal Impact  Course

on 5th December 2012

Natalie  said

"'I have been using the techniques as much as I can, especially the dialling up and down my listening techniques to encourage/ discourage clients over the telephone. I’ve found I’m much more in control of conversations.

I’ve also been using the power of the pause quite a bit and staggered at how people react to me due to me not reacting in the way they thought I would?!

Although obviously, I don’t do this all the time more of a learning curve for me.

Another thing which has been very useful for me is remembering to ignore that inner voice in my head for both personal and work-related life.

Thanks for all your guidance on the day, I thought the course was very interesting.'"

Personal Impact Course

The course was run by

personal impact course     Katy Miller

Personal Impact Course


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