Bloomberg - Presentation Skills Training

Presentation Skills Training

"Boring and time consuming is what initially sprung to mind...well these things usually are aren't they?!

"Fast forward to the Presentation Workshop and words such as 'fun', 'interesting' and 'insightful' replaced prior conceptions. Surely our manager had made a mistake...was this really the grey and corporate Presentation workshop we were supposed be attending?"

"Dannie and David were refreshingly empathetic and honest as well as motivating and encouraging. A valuable lesson to be taken away from the session was that presenting does not have to be one dimensional in the corporate world. In short, we were pushed to think outside of the confines of the corporate box."

Agnes Paraskeva
Digital Sales

There is a 20% discount on all Early Bird and Late Bookings. The course must be paid for at the time of booking.

(Discount not available if you wish to pay by Invoice)