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Working as a Team

Working as part of a team is a great idea.

But the whole ought to be greater than the sum of its parts and often it isn't.

We can help you get a deep understanding of your team's dynamics.

We'll help you define your team way you want it to be.

And you'll have a great time getting to know the people you work with so that all the parts work together to create a powerful whole.

Team Building ObjectivesTeambuilding

  • Learn to work as a team
  • Reassess your team's goals and direction
  • Communicate better as a team
  • Give your team a boost of energy
  • Create trust amongst team members
  • Recognise individual strengths, styles and skills
  • Keep lines of communication flexible
  • Ensure tolerance
  • Encourage sharing of ideas
  • Allow for differences

Building a Great Team

Working as a team is a great idea, but what sort should it be?

A relay team, a football team, a cricket team, a tug-of-war team?

The appropriate type of team and the way in which functions are divided vary enormously, depending on the task in hand and the skills of the members.

Teams are complex machines and it's not surprising that they malfunction occasionally or need re-alignment or teambuilding.

To work effectively you need agreement on exactly what sort of team you are.

What are the goals, what is each member's role, who needs to work closely with whom, what should the game plan be?

Sometimes it's as simple as learning more about the people you work with, and sometimes it's complicated, such as working through entrenched difficulties or defining how a long-distance team communicates.

A tailor-made Team building Event allows you to do this by taking some time away from the workplace to slow things right down.

Through discussion, brainstorming, gameplay, role play and goal setting, we sort out problems, put forward new ideas, plan the future, look at the team's 'purpose', 'vision' and 'mission' and learn more about each other as people.

Team members will enjoy a fresh perspective, achieve a sense of focus, build confidence and prepare for the real "game" ahead.

A Team event has a positive effect on the morale, motivation, confidence and effectiveness of the team and its individual members that immediately transfers to the workplace.

Each team building event is created from a specific brief and is tailor-made by working closely with your company to ensure the most appropriate programme.

Tailored specifically to each group our Team Building Programmes are designed to help create and nurture successful, professional, productive and happy teams.

Team Building Event

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Team Building Event

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