Communication Skills Training

Communication Skills Training

We are now running tailored training face to face.
We are also offering fully remote training.
And hybrid training, with some
delegates in person and some attending via zoom.

Tailored Communication Skills Training

The cornerstone of all business is good communication.

At Impact Factory we help people become more effective, more confident and more dynamic communicators.

We deal with communication skills training by unpicking what happens.

If you know how the dynamics work, you can be in charge of them.

When you know how it works then you can choose from a whole range of tools and techniques that fit your personal style.

"When it comes to communicating under pressure you can’t be anyone other than yourself.

That’s why we’re big on personal style"

We develop the communication skills people already have and the things they already do well, rather than focusing on what's wrong or what needs to be fixed.

Effective Communication makes for Better Business

Communication training can help with pockets of them and us such as:

  • Marketing vs finance
  • IT vs admin
  • HR vs operations
  • Consultants vs full-time staff

It is particularly effective with cross-functional or virtual teams whose ability to communicate effectively is vital.

Impact Factory can make a real difference in the way people develop their communication skills.

To find out more call us on

+44 (0) 20 7226 1877 or freephone 0800 1234 909.

Communication Skills Training Programmes

Communication Skills Training

The single most important skill you have to have in business is to be able to communicate effectively with colleagues and customers.

From making sure you're understood to delivering difficult messages to handling conflict, just about everyone could do with polishing their skills to become more effective communicators.

Quicker Better Meetings Training

Avoid Death by Meeting by learning easy-to-achieve facilitation skills.

Cut through time wasting, distractions and hidden agendas with a whole range of techniques to make the full range of meetings more productive.

Influencing Skills Training

Get your own way with panache and style without hurting or upsetting anyone. Learn subtle techniques to smooth your path and discover how to create a group of champions who want to give their support instead of being coerced into it.

Business Relationship Management

Relationship building is all about the fact that it's 'you they buy' at a gut level.

Clearly, they are interested in what your company has to offer or you wouldn't be having meetings with them in the first place, but for the duration of those meetings, you are the company.

Writing Skills Training

If you are in business you need to be able to write.

From emails through to PR copy you need to be able to express yourself in words that can inspire, motivate and inform everyone associated with your business.

Interview Skills Training

Getting the job you want is a key career and potentially life-changing time.

Having some solid interview techniques and skills can make all the difference between you getting what you want or you being disappointed because once again, the interview didn't go as well as you wanted it to.

Telephone Technique Training

A Telephone Techniques programme that will enable you to use the phone in an effective way.

You will learn how to create the impression you want by working on a variety of telephone situations and you will gain an increased awareness about how to make the telephone a useful tool rather than a limiting one.

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The Training Consultancy Team

Training Course Accreditation

To ensure that the courses you attend are of the highest quality, offering the best professional tuition possible, all our Open Courses are evaluated and accredited.

This accredited course is suitable for corporate and public sector Continuing Professional Development Plans and Portfolios.

Read about Trainer Accreditation

Talk to us about Training Consultancy

If you want to know more about our training consultancy and its suitability for you or your company call us on:

Freephone Impact FactoryFreephone: 0808 1234 909

You may well be able to speak directly to one of our trainers. If not, one of them will call you within 24 hours.

Training Consultancy Options

One or two-day Open Courses

Elite five-day Programmes

Tailored Training for Groups

One to one Executive Coaching

Training Consultancy Formats

Our Training comes in many formats from one-to-one and open courses, through to fully tailored company wide programmes.

We can run training at your premises, any third party venue or at our own London Training Suite at the Business Design Centre in Islington.

Tailored Training Formats we offer

Executive Coaching...
You are a key executive in your company. If instead, you played Football for England wouldn't you want a guy like Fabio Capello beside you every day?
Training days for groups...
In-depth, hands-on, highly individual tailor-made programmes offer delegates a chance to take an intense look at very specific issues.
Shorter seminars...
One or two-hour sessions for up to 30 people.
Licensed Accredited Training...
We can design a programme specifically for you, then select, train and accredit your trainers or managers to deliver that programme in-house.
You can bring us in on a one-to-one basis for coaching, personal effectiveness, career development and individual presentation work.