Senior Management Training

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Senior Management Training

Our Senior Management Training breaks down the grand title and unpicks what being senior is all about.

Now that you have been recognised as someone who can fulfil your organisation's vision and values.

Are you a true leader of others?

Senior Management Programme

So you're a Senior Manager - a grand title but what exactly does it mean?

How did you become 'Senior'?

Unlikely that you just waited for old age to settle in and wisdom to accumulate.

If we unpick what being senior means we think it boils down to a few important things - some about you personally and some that are about how you hold your company.

Holding Your Company

Quite a lot of it is about how you 'take on' the company mantle, holding the company point of view rather than being one of the crew.

Taking responsibility for the company line even when it doesn't exactly match your feelings or thoughts.

That means you don't get to moan about 'management' any more - you are management.

Senior Management Role

As a senior manager, you often have to manage people who manage other people so you have even less direct control over the sharp end of delivery.

The job becomes more about motivating and inspiring people to do a good job - calling you in when they need you rather than constant monitoring.

Developing high potential people can really free you up.

After all, you want to have the time to do all that senior stuff.

Company Strategy

Like seeing the bigger picture, having a vision for the future that fits with the overall strategy of the company and making decisions, some tough ones.

'Making decisions?' we hear you say.

If that's not a strong point with you or with the organisation then you might find it handy to have a couple of techniques to hand that help with some of the tricky ones.

A popular and very simple technique is to list all the pros and cons and that can often help.

That's a start... you can carry on by mapping out all the different things that affect the decision and then looking at which ones you can shift instead of expending any energy whatsoever on the ones you can't.

How Are You Perceived in the Company?

Another area to explore is how you are perceived in the company.

A senior person often has a reputation - in the good sense of the word - and commands respect.

Some awareness of what it is you have done and how you do it can help you to focus on building the reputation you want and the respect you deserve.

Being a senior manager means you have been recognised as someone who can fulfil your organisation's vision and values - a true leader of others.

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