Remote Training

Live Online Training

In response to these uncertain times, Impact Factory has prepared all our training both Tailored Training and Open Courses to be run live, online.

We’re bringing our unique interactive training style to the digital learning landscape.

"Engaging Others - Now and in your Future"

"Tina and Bill provided an excellent and engaging live online training! They took the time to really understand their audience prior to the session and found ways to get everyone involved throughout. My students left the session feeling motivated and valued. I found their ability to accommodate our needs both refreshing and seamless...a priceless aspect during a time of so many unknowns."Kara Ebe Cook, Senior Administrator at Montessori School

Remote Tailored Training

We are already running very successful remote tailored training for some of our clients.

Our dynamic trainers have quickly mastered the art of transferring our interactive, experiential, and individually crafted training to the online medium.

We have used most of the available platforms, but, like others, we have found Zoom to be the most versatile.

Some sections of the training we have found are more effective in a Zoom breakout room than they would be face to face!

Have a look at our Remote Tailored Training Offer

Remote Working Support

We have created a series of online modules specifically designed to support you and your colleagues during the current crisis.

Sessions are facilitated live by two Impact Factory trainers to deliver the personalised learning and level of interaction with all the participants that you're used to from us.

Here are some of the offers we have prepared, but frankly we can tailor sessions to address any and all issues you are confronted with.

Please contact us to discuss your training needs so that your people feel taken care of during this extraordinary time.

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