Quicker Better Meetings Training

Avoid Death by Meeting by learning easy-to-achieve facilitation skills.

Cut through time wasting, distractions and hidden agendas with a whole range of techniques to make the full range of meetings more productive.

Quicker better meetings training

You can train with us as a facilitator, or you can hire one of our highly skilled facilitators.

Everyone in business has at some point in their working lives come out of a meeting feeling it was a big waste of time (unless of course, they used it to catch up on some much-needed sleep!).

People get frustrated, bored, lazy or just plain cynical when meetings don't accomplish much and there's little to inspire or motivate.

Running Meetings

Here are common reasons why sometimes these meetings get bogged down or lose their way:

Old squabbles

Historic ways of doing things

Accepted lines of communication (or miscommunication, as the case may be)

Being too close to the action

Facilitators, on the other hand, don't come laden with pre-conceived expectations, judgements or ancient history.

They have no vested interest, no axes to grind, no points to score.

Good facilitators see and hear not only the obvious but are tuned in to what else might be going on that isn't quite so apparent.

A good facilitator is skilled in interpreting the difficulties, resolving conflict, cutting through time wasting and diversionary tactics.

They have the facilitation skills to enable people to reach agreements and develop new practices that will work.

Meeting Skills:

Companies have to have meetings, it's as simple as that.

If you're not having meetings, then you're probably not communicating very well with your people.

If you are running meetings that bog down in sludge, then you're still not communicating very well with your people.

If you notice that your meetings have hidden agendas which get more 'air time' than unhidden ones, then something is amiss.

When groups of people meet together to communicate information, ideas, tasks, expectations, then time really is money.

If you're wasting time on meetings that don't go anywhere, with little follow-through but a lot of frustration then you are squandering your company's resources and your people's time.

Meetings can actually be something to relish, not dread.

And if your meetings veer more to the dread then the relish, then facilitation training could make a huge difference to the way you and your teams meet together in the future.

Tailored specifically to each group our Quicker Better Meetings Training Programmes are designed to help delegates facilitate successful, professional meetings.

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