Presentation Skills Training Course - One Day

Learn to Present with style, flair and presence to engage and inspire your audience!

25 Oct 2022
10:30 am to 5:00 pm

Price: £525.00 + VAT

30 Nov 2022
10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Price: £525.00 + VAT

18 Jan 2023
10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Price: £525.00 + VAT
Pay Today Price: £420.00 + VAT

16 Feb 2023
10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Price: £525.00 + VAT
Pay Today Price: £420.00 + VAT

All courses are now running Hybrid.
With 6 possible in-person places with the remaining places remote via zoom.

Should you need to you can switch to remote slot at any time.

Presentation Skills Courses Cover

  • What Already Works About You
  • How Presentation Works
  • Developing A Unique Style
  • What Happens To You?
  • Practising A Range of Techniques
  • Hints And Tips
  • Stretching Your Capacity
  • Style, Flair And Presence
  • Support Materials
  • Enlivening Your Presentation
  • Confidence And Handling Nerves
  • Feeling Wrong-Footed

Independent Reviews

What our delegates say:

I wanted to write to thank you so much for your excellent tuition and help. I had to host an important conference last week and give a presentation to all our senior leadership. The whole thing went better than I could ever have hoped! Emma Graham - IPGIT Corporate Business Lead EMEA - Interpublic Group
I thoroughly enjoyed the training session, and have been using the techniques a lot! We were fortunate to have you both as excellent trainers. I am recommending the course to everyone I meet. Thanks so much for your positivity and sincerity. Marcia Castelo Branco - Human Resources Manager - Re:Sources
Thank you to all at the Impact Factory for your warmth and hospitality. The course was certainly one of the best I have attended. The knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject was self evident throughout the day in everything that Caitlin and Dom did! Richard Mills - Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Manager - Wilson & Scott (Highways) Ltd

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If you have any doubts about the suitability of this CPD Accredited Presentation Skills Course, for yourself or colleagues, please do not hesitate to call us.

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CPD Accredited Course

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Presentation Skills Course

This presentation skills training course looks at all the factors that affect how confidently you deliver any presentation, anywhere.

It will help you look forward to your next presentation instead of wishing you were still under the duvet.

Our training on presentation skills offers simple, easy to practise tools to help you cope with nerves and get your message across memorably.

You'll learn how to structure your material for the best impact and present to audiences of varied sizes.

All of our presentation courses are fun and effective with plenty of opportunities to practice.

Presentation Skills Training Course Contents

We tailor all our courses to reflect the needs of the delegates on the day.

We will include many of the exercises listed below, and any additional material that the trainers feel is relevant.


Everything we do is participative and interactive.

You will be on your feet making presentations all through the day.

We will assess your unique presentation style, experience and skill.

We will work on the specific things you want to achieve.

How it All Works

This section gives an in-depth understanding of the arenas in which presenting takes place

  • The physical space
  • Body language
  • Audience interaction
  • Fundamentals of presenting


"The use of the Individual's best skills to convey a clear Message, well Prepared, with good Audience interaction, presented with Conviction and supported by the right Technical backup"

First Presentation

What's my Unique Presentation Style?

This takes the form of a short unprepared presentation to camera.

There is then a discussion about the experience of presenting, what actually happens to you physically, mentally and emotionally.

How You Are Seen

Your presentation will then be played back followed by feedback from the trainers and your colleagues.

Here we'll concentrate on your strengths and unique style.

Any real difficulties in style may be noted here by the trainers to be dealt with later on.

We record much of the rest of the day's work; however, this is the only time during the day that we will review the recording.

Basic Principles

We'll reinforce some of the principles of an effective presentation.

  • Making a presentation in under 30 seconds
  • Putting across a clear message
  • Using passion to present
  • Structuring your presentation support material

Prepared Presentations

This is not intended to rehearse the presentations.

Rather the material is used to stretch you and to incorporate the principles worked on earlier in the day.

The emphasis is on preparing you to develop over the next few months as you make further presentations.

The session is modified according to the level of the attendees.


If you are a new or less experienced presenter, we work to stretch your capacity and to demonstrate the active working of a presenting dynamic.

You'll be introduced to easy skills and techniques to help raise your confidence and ease the anxiety associated with presenting.

With established presenters, we work more to reinforce some basic principles and introduce more advanced skills as appropriate.

Care is taken to acknowledge your skills and style.

Then we move on to specific areas of difficulty where you get wrong-footed or don't do so well.

Issues Covered May Include

  • Raising confidence
  • Clear delivery
  • Ability to go "off script"
  • How to make non-linear presentations
  • How to prompt or plant questions
  • How to talk to differing levels of understanding or experience
  • Communicating concepts quickly
  • Using analogies and drawing on memorable images
  • Structuring your presentation entrance and beginning
  • Dealing with difficult or tricky questions
  • Working presentations around a table
  • The relationship between presenter, material and audience
  • Difficult presentation issues and people
  • Working on your presentation style
  • Further training in presentation skills opportunities
  • Developing as a communicator rather than a presenter
  • Creating an interactive, question-friendly atmosphere

Concluding Remarks

A brief mention of anything that has not arisen during the presentations and individual recommendations for further practice.

You'll be given a web link to your recordings during the day.

We will give out Impact Factory documents to support the course.

You'll get copies of relevant hand-outs to remind you of the coursework.

Ongoing Support

Two weeks after the course one of your trainers will call to see how you are getting on.

You will have email and telephone access to both of your trainers.

You'll also have access to a course web page containing

  • Handouts used during the course
  • New supportive material
  • Impact Factory PDF documents
  • Recommended reading
  • Links to our favourite videos

Presentation Skills Training Course


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Presentation Skills Course - 1 Day

25 Oct 2022

Price: £525.00
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Presentation Skills Course - 1 Day

30 Nov 2022

Price: £525.00
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Presentation Skills Course - 1 Day

18 Jan 2023

Price: £525.00
Pay Today Price: £420.00
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Presentation Skills Course - 1 Day

16 Feb 2023

Price: £525.00
Pay Today Price: £420.00
Prices exclude VAT

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