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During the week with Impact Factory, we will share some of London's secrets. These have been selected to enhance awareness of the endless possibilities when making a presenting or delivering any public speaking engagement. 
These are carefully selected events which will inform the content of the course and stimulate our potential and understanding of presentation skills. 
The Presentation with Impact five-day course may include:
London restaurants
Head out to a funky London restaurant for some food and chit-chat.
West End and London Theatre
Attend some live theatre in London to look at how they use storytelling and structure and what effects it has on the audience.
Live Comedy
Get some laughs at live stand-up comedy, looking at spontaneity and how the audience can help you drive your presentation.
Art Gallery
Explore creativity and design at one of London’s many art galleries.
Previous Presentation with Impact courses have included:
One evening will be spent exploring and uncovering the history of The City of London. Lead by Historian, Sean Patterson, we will take a journey through some of the most famous streets and fabled sites dotted around the City. 
London has some of the worlds best restaurants and we will visit one of the most remarkable for an evening designed to stimulate your senses in a most unusual way. More about this at the time! 
The skill of the stand-up comic is explored when we visit one of London's many comedy clubs. The art of dealing with tricky audience members and hecklers is rarely better observed than in one of these atmospheric theatres. 
Our week may also include a trip to the Tate Modern for an exploration of the use of imagery within presentation. 

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