The Power of Purpose

“I don’t need an alarm clock to get me up in the morning, I’m driven by purpose.”

Jessie Jackson

Purpose is a powerful if underutilised tool.

  • Does your organisation have a clearly defined purpose?
  • Do your people know theirs?
  • Are they able to align their individual purpose with your business purpose?

Organisations and businesses in all industries are facing the same challenges:

  • how to deploy strategy successfully with multi-generational teams
  • how to drive and optimise performance
  • how to be agile and adaptable in flux and uncertainty

In a recent report published by The Harvard Business Review in partnership with the EY Beacon Institute, 90% of 474 global executives emphasise the importance of purpose to drive performance. Yet, just a few companies are able to embed their purpose within their strategy.

Technical, social, ethical and environmental changes have shifted the focus within organisations. For decades, successful organisations seemed to have well-structured hierarchies with the objective of delivering value to shareholders.

Now, more forward-thinking organisations with clear missions are winning markets, transforming our lives and attracting the most talented and cutting-edge young minds. They have realised the importance of Purpose to generate profit, do good and utilise their most valuable asset – their people.

Our Purpose programmes work for all levels in an organisation:

  • Top Leaders – to develop a crystal-clear vision and be able to communicate it genuinely and with authenticity across the organisation
  • Middle management – to align their personal aims with the organisation in order to inspire their teams and fulfil their company’s strategy successfully
  • Entry-level Employees and Graduates – to nurture their unique qualities and skills with effective and personalised learning

We are experts in helping organisations and individuals connect with their Purpose by looking at their corporate values and lives.

Our sessions are fully interactive and participative. With a training method based on psychotherapy and drama, we work with both the emotions and inner thoughts of people and the external ways they interact with the rest of the world to achieve positive outcomes.

The Power of Purpose

The Impact Factory Team

Impact Factory Training ConsultantJanet Addison
Janet employs her love of people and what makes them tick to support their development in a way that's fun, useful and truly unique
Impact Factory Training ConsultantKate Arneil
Kate is involved with Performance Management, Conflict Management, Presentation and Communication Skills Training.
Communication with Impact TrainerKatherine Grice
Katherine's skills and passions include Customer Service, Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, Personal Impact and Leadership
Impact Factory Training ConsultantKaty Miller
Her particular areas of interest are Presentation, because of the parallels with other areas of performance, and Assertiveness because she is an adaptable, empathetic and intuitive individual.
Impact Factory Training ConsultantNaina Oliver
Naina specialises in Communication and Media Skills, Assertiveness and Personal Impact courses, among others.
Impact Factory Training ConsultantNick Clark Windo
Nick is passionate about the work we do. He specialises in Communication, Assertiveness, Presentation and Teambuilding.
Sheila Neville - Impact Factory Training ConsultantSheila Neville
'I am both pleased and proud to be involved with a company delivering high-quality training to people who intend to achieve above and beyond their existing capabilities.'
Impact Factory Training ConsultantSarah Dawrant
Sarah has warmth, humour, a quick mind and unlimited passion to help people develop by stretching their comfort zones.
Communication with Impact TrainerSimon Westwood
Simon brings more than 15 years of global corporate experience to his role as a trainer – but that's only the beginning!
Impact Factory Training ConsultantTina Lamb
Tina's life experiences have perfectly primed her to specialise in personal impact, assertiveness and networking.