Pitching for Business

Pitching for business isn't just doing well at the 'beauty parade', where what you have on offer may be similar to everyone else who's pitching.

Pitching for Business Training

Getting new business is a constant and never-ending process.

No matter how good you and your products are, in business, you simply can't rest on past laurels.

If you're fortunate, you may have customers or potential customers clamouring at your door.

Most of the time, though, most of us have to go out and sell or pitch for business.

When you sell to customers you have a minute amount of time to make a good first impression so that they feel confident in what you have to say.

You need to radiate authority and a sense of being in charge, no matter how trying or difficult the circumstances.

For the time you are given to make your business pitch you have the job - it's yours to lose.

If they've agreed to see you, then they must be attracted to something in your company.

This means in your pitch you have to present yourself as being above the norm.

You need to seem better than the rest without appearing arrogant or a know-it-all.

It can be incredibly off-putting to meet a 'typical' salesman who exudes overconfidence or is too slick.

On the other hand, these days we notice that a lot of technical people are being sent out on business pitches and selling forays.

And they find it really difficult to shift from big brain technical stuff to user-friendly, easily understandable communication.

Business pitches get larded with jargon and way too much information because that's where technical people feel most comfortable.

To create the perfect (or near perfect) business pitch, you need to be able to create two-way empathetic communication.

To give them an actual experience of what working with you would be like (not just another PowerPoint slide).

Work out what you need to ask them, not just prepare for what you're going to tell them.

Spice up your pitch presentation so they are eager to ask questions.

Tailored specifically to each group our Pitching for Business Training Programmes are designed to help delegates conduct successful, professional customer and client pitches which will bring in more business.

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