Personal Impact Training

Many of us aren't very adept at understanding the impact we make on others.

Here you get to look at what makes an impact and how you can make the impression you want without compromising who you are.

Personal Impact is a gently challenging programme that can lead to potential life-changing insight for many of its participants.

Personal ImpactPersonal Impact Training

'How do I affect you?' 'How do I come across?'

These are not questions we ask each other every day.

Nor are we used to hearing:

'What really works well about you is...'

Working only with positive reinforcement of what people already do well, we lay the foundations for a personal style that allows delegates to begin to choose the personal Impact they have on other people.

Personal Impact is largely to do with learning to use what you already have.

You can be a brilliant marketer, have a sharp commercial mind, or be a wizard at IT, but if you can't 'put it across' to other people you are hamstrung.

Personal Impact Training looks at anything that can legitimately be used to impact on those around you.

It looks at the thoughts and feelings associated with initiating, provoking, directing or influencing others. This is the key to working out what tools best suit you personally.

Raising Your Personal Impact Game

There are some people who just have to learn to 'raise their game' when it comes to making a "personal impact".

You may have people within your organisation who simply aren't aware of the impression they make and may simply not understand the sort of impact they need to make.

There may be people who are client facing or who are part of a sales or marketing team or who have to communicate more than just the business of your business.

You may have people who just aren't getting their ideas across because the personal impact they make gets lost or is uninspired.

You might have a situation where people have been quite content and valuable in jobs where they don't interact much with other people and now are required to speak up and be heard or have to impress upon others the importance of their messages.

Helping people become more self-aware will usually improve their personal impact; giving them extra techniques for that game raising we mentioned earlier will pretty much guarantee that they can develop their impact to make the right first, second and third impression.

Tailored specifically to each group our Personal Impact Training Programmes are designed to help delegates change their effect on those around them by making simple changes in behaviour.

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Personal Impact Training

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