Performance Management Training

Performance Management Appraisals can be a terrific forum for review, development and communication.

We take a realistic look at employee and staff Performance Management and Appraisal Interviews.

What form should they take? 360 degree? How critical? How often? What training system works best?

Performance Management Training

performance management and appraisals training

In our experience, Performance Management and Appraisals tends to be one of those essentials in a company that's often handled badly or not at all.

The very forum that could help people understand their roles within the company, be assessed on the quality of their work, gain support and encouragement is often ignored or endured simply because the people doing the appraising/performance managing find it deeply uncomfortable and hard to do.

The idea of appraisals is a good one: a chance to review, assess, debrief and generally, develop the skills and confidence of the person being appraised.

Sadly it often doesn't work that way.

That's because most of the time it's all about procedures and not about people.

Let's face it, the best procedures in the world won't really be effective if the person holding the appraisal isn't handling it efficiently, professionally and with long-term care involved.

Indeed, most appraisals end up as 'tick the box' exercises that cause a great deal of anxiety on both 'sides', and once they're completed they aren't looked at again till the next time - in six months or a year hence.

Difficult feedback is postponed or sugar-coated or presented in such a way that the appraisee ends up a puddle on the floor.

Therefore, in order to avoid all that, our work on appraisals focuses on helping people develop their day-to-day performance management skills.

Just teaching people how to run an appraisal session isn't really going to address the fact that it's what happens every day that gives the true picture of a person's overall accomplishments and capabilities.

Indeed, our belief is that if you aren't doing day-to-day performance management, you can't really give someone a worthwhile appraisal.

If you have an appraisal process in place that isn't giving you the results you need...

If you have people who avoid the day to day performance management that will ensure no one has a 'shock' when they come to their appraisal...

If you have people who need to sharpen up their performance management and appraisal skills...

If you want your people to feel well-supported and encouraged through their day to day management...

If you'd even like help devising an appraisal process that's right for your company...

...then having us create a Performance Management/Appraisal programme might be the very thing you need to help people feel valued but also to know what else they need to do to be of value to your organisation.

In our work on performance appraisals and performance management, we give people real and practical skills to help them become more effective managers.

So by the time they have to carry out a formal appraisal, it's far more a summary of an on-going process rather than a process driven exercise.

Which is why we call our work on appraisals: The Best Surprise Is No Surprise.

Performance Appraisals - Performance Management

Our Performance Management Training can be tailored as in-house programmes to address specific issues within your own company.

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Performance Management and Appraisal

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