Vanessa Sayers

Training Consultant at Impact Factory

After spending 4 years at Art College, Vanessa started her working career as a Creative, working as a Managing Art Editor in a London Publishing Company leading a team of Designers, Illustrators, Cartographers and Photographers.

After having her first child, she decided on a career change because she wanted a job that fitted around the children and for the last 17 years she’s recruited, mentored and trained a large team of salespeople in a Direct Sales company, where she became an Executive Director. She’s currently Head of Product Training with a beauty company - a position was given to her in early 2018 after being their top retailer for 2 years.

Vanessa’s passion in business is developing other people, helping build confidence and encouraging her team members to fulfil their potential. As a trainer with Impact Factory, she brings over 20 years’ experience in Sales and Customer Service, both as a top seller and as a manager – inspiring and motivating large sales teams to achieve ambitious targets.

As an established professional and a trainer, she believes that raising self-awareness and building emotional intelligence is the key to an enriched and successful life. In the workplace, this translates into clearer communication, more efficient and effective meetings and improved relationships.

She is adept at getting to the root of a problem by encouraging clients to be open and authentic. She’s also empathetic with a huge sense of fun and an easy, friendly manner that puts people at ease.

“I feel extremely lucky to be working with a company that not only provides me with the opportunity for huge personal growth and training but gives me the opportunity to bring together all the varied skills I’ve acquired as a creative, a team builder, mentor and a salesperson.”

Vanessa has been involved in delivering training in the areas of:

Hugely social, when she’s not working you’ll most likely find her with family or friends, probably eating.

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Vanessa Sayers

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