Tom Bodell

Training Consultant at Impact Factory

Since joining Impact Factory, Tom has worked with the British Library, Elekta, Subsea 7 and the General Medical Council.

His background as a director means he works on Presentation Skills, Communication Skills and Storytelling workshops. His experience of temping around London combined with managing companies means he has a keen interest in Time Management, Personal Impact and Appraisals & Performance Management training.

A major turning point in Tom’s life was when he was diagnosed with cancer. He had a young son and a pregnant wife and unfortunately, the chemistry gene had not transferred itself from his mother to him so he couldn’t go Breaking Bad.

During his post-operative time in hospital, he realised acting was a too frivolous profession and he needed something else where he could make a difference to people’s lives. After an educating stint working at an Apple Store, he found Impact Factory where he is keen to point out, you don’t need to wait until you have a life-changing event before you decide to make a change (and only a small one - hurray!).

Tom loves working for Impact Factory as it gives him immense pleasure to help people in their working lives. He loves Impact Factory’s ethos and believes he has found his new home.

"I trained as an actor in the classic British way for two years on a Scholarship but decided I needed a different approach so I trained with a Russian at The School of the Science of Acting. The Principal had been trained by a student then a colleague of Stanislavski himself. Along with his own advances on the technique, it was a thorough 4 years training."

“Give yourself all the breaks" and "Never take yourself out of the equation" are two principles which I have learnt the hard way. In fact, I think I’ve learnt everything the hard way. Until I came to Impact Factory."

We are happy to have his calm and down to earth nature at Impact Factory, where he specialises in communication skills training. He has also facilitated our time management and presentation skills courses.

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