Sarah Dawrant

Training Consultant at Impact Factory

From political speech writing to stand-up comedy, from marketing to project management, from strategic planning to coaching, from a degree in Sociology to a diploma in public relations Sarah has packed a lot into her life already.

Originally from Canada, Sarah has lived in the UK since 2009, building her own international career coaching practice while training and developing her skills at Impact Factory. She brings not only her vast range of professional abilities but added into the mix is her warmth, humour, quick mind and unlimited passion to help people develop by trying new things and stretching their comfort zones.

Gifted across the board, Sarah runs a great many of our Open Courses including:

Impact Factory tailored clients have included BP, British Library, Coca-Cola, Roche, London Fire Brigade, BMW and Panasonic. As well as her involvement with those clients two highlights have been the development, design and delivery of a national training programme for EE and an unforgettable week-long Train the Trainer course for the Georgian Ministry of Justice in Tblisi.

Away from Impact Factory, as well as having her own coaching clients, she runs career transition workshops and courses on teaching skills for medical professionals. And let’s not forget the scary world of stand-up where she had the best time poking fun at her early days in the UK where she described how her naïve Canadian openness came head to head with a slightly more reserved British culture.

Sarah feels very settled in the UK and she is one of the strange few who never complains about the weather here because she says

“anything is better than -43 Celsius and seven months of snow!"

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