Robin Chandler

is a Founding Partner at Impact Factory

Robin is a founding partner of Impact Factory. He is responsible for most of the training of Impact Factory's associates and consultants. His specialities are presentation skills training, leadership development, group dynamics, "working a room" and training trainers.

"Always looking for the smallest change to create the biggest impact"

Alongside an acting career that includes three seasons at the Royal National Theatre, a season at Chichester, Maid Marion and her Merry Men for BBC TV and more than 150 commercials, he developed parallel careers as an acting teacher, a workshop leader in self-expression and career development and a coach for speakers at business conferences and other events.

With a unique combination of theatre, business acumen, personal development workshops and a passion for what makes people act the way they do, Robin seems always able to create exciting training programmes that people find inspiring, motivating and hugely enjoyable.

A great deal of his work has to do with developing peoples ability to change and adapt their behaviour in order that things will go better for them in their whole life rather than just at work

The issues he deals with are presentation, money issues, effective communication, being "too nice", creativity, team building, negotiating, pitching, influencing, facilitation, confidence; anything to do with people interacting on a one to one or group basis.

When let out to play Robin is never happier than racing up and down the icy slopes of Europe's snowy mountains.

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