Ottillie Parfitt Senior Training Consultant

Senior Training Consultant at Impact Factory

Ottillie is an international trainer and consultant who combines a diverse arts background with extensive business nous.

She has been instrumental in developing Impact Factory’s Advanced Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, Business Storytelling and Creative Strategic Thinking programmes, and has been with Impact Factory for over eight years.

Recent accomplishments include

  • Fine-tuning the remote pitches of the C40 Cities Women4Tech Challenge finalists
  • Developing the storytelling skills for leaders of developing nations during a conference held by the World Bank
  • Balancing challenge, learning and fun during a 70+ person Team Away Day for Nielsen Sports
  • Bringing presentations to life for the Legislative Affairs Department of the European Parliament
  • Helping Microsoft Researchers condense 10 years of research into a compelling product launch

She has also designed and delivered a remote Negotiation Skills programme for Manhattan Associates and an intensive three-month training programme for the Senior Leadership team in Paris, which gave them the skills to present confidently in English.

Whether through one-to-one or group training, Ottillie has a knack for meeting people where they are at and creating a safe environment in which they feel able to stretch their abilities. Her energy and enthusiasm make her particularly adept at facilitating Forum Theatre and other large-scale events and are balanced by an authority and gravitas that stems from her wealth of experience across a variety of industries.

Since graduating from the University of Alberta in Canada in 2000, with a degree in drama and comparative religious studies, she has worked internationally as an independent theatre artist, training consultant, and accredited yoga instructor.

Ottillie is adept at navigating herself and others through uncertainty, which has supported her delivery of successful Resilience, Stress Management, and Line Management programmes.

In 2005, she embarked on a mission to explore her British roots, and moved from Canada to London, without a plan. As an Executive Assistant to the Managing Partner of one of the world’s top Private Equity firms, she held the fort during the storm of the 2008 Financial Crisis.

During the uncertainty of a private jet company’s restructuring, she advised the Board while buoying the morale of the employees on the ground; and she supported her husband through the turbulent beginning stages of a start-up business.

Her fluent French language skills were developed in Canada through bilingual schooling, and she acquired a strong sense of discipline during eleven years of dance training with the Edmonton School of Ballet.

Ottillie loves leather wingback chairs, red wine, and listening to the scratchy gramophone tunes of a bygone era.

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