Jo Ellen Grzyb

Founding Partner at Impact Factory

Jo Ellen Grzyb is a keen, passionate and devoted gardener who also happens to be a co-founder and Director of Impact Factory, a training and personal development company specialising in making work a better place to be. She makes her garden and allotment much better places to be as well.

Let's get a little serious here. Jo Ellen, who holds dual American and British Citizenship, spent 20 years in the arts, entertainment and corporate sectors in development work on both sides of the Atlantic (including the New York City Ballet, the Arts Council of Great Britain and the London Philharmonic), before setting up Impact Factory with Robin Chandler in 1991.

Another of her passions is writing and she is responsible for most of the material on Impact Factory's considerable and comprehensive website library. Her book, Family Heaven Family Hell - How to Survive the Family Get-together, is a comprehensive look at family dynamics is available through Amazon. The Nice Factor Book: Are You Too Nice for Your Own Good? (written with Robin Chandler), was published in 1997, and revised and reissued in 2008. Their work is continually being written about, televised and broadcast in the UK and abroad.

Jo Ellen is a counsellor/psychotherapist and initially got into this work as a career counsellor. Having changed jobs, careers (more than once) and even countries, she has a great insight into the impact of change and how to manage it well. Equally, she loves working with people to help them find the right career for them and what they need to do to achieve it.

She likes doing media work and a number of years ago was featured in The Human Mind series (BBC1) and SKY TV's Angry Britain displaying the 'magic' of intensive anger management. She lends her advice to such diverse publications as the Financial Times and Healthy Magazine and enjoys being a talking head on anything from Radio 4's Woman's Hour to BBC Radio Suffolk.

Jo Ellen is particularly interested in facilitating people so they can fulfil their dreams and aspirations while keeping an eye firmly on reality, and gives a deal of her time at Impact Factory enabling her colleagues to be able to do the same. Although she runs few public courses for Impact Factory these days, she loves being in the training room with the company’s facilitators, working with them on honing and polishing their already considerable skills. And on occasion, she’s even invited to speak at gardening clubs about growing vegetables!

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