Bill Sheehan

Training Consultant at Impact Factory

“I’ve always been fascinated by people. The things we say and don’t say, the things we mean and the motivations behind them. It constantly amazes me how intricate and subtle our interactions are. Somehow, most of the time, we are able to understand each other and interact effectively.

Equally fascinating is when it all goes wrong…”

Born and raised in a small Northern backwater, with very little going on, Bill was lucky enough to receive a great education at Queen Elizabeth’s High School Gainsborough. Naturally drawn to Sciences, English and Drama, he was forced to choose very early on. Science won, and he went on to earn a BSc Honours in Human Psychology from Loughborough University. He did at least manage to perform in 4 or more plays a year during his studies to satisfy his dramatic urges.

After University life took an unexpected turn when a six-month trip to Hong Kong (ostensibly to teach English) turned into a four-year relocation. The actor side re-emerged and Bill spent those years acting in plays, films and TV, fronting the Oxford University Press English Teaching video series and becoming a ‘dubbing artist’. Lip sync dubbing (putting an English speaking voice over foreign, usually Cantonese films) lead to Bill’s oddest claim to fame: for a couple of years he was the official English voice of Hong Kong star Jackie Chan!

Upon returning to the UK to ‘crack the London scene’ he promptly didn’t crack it and instead took lots of work as a role player in training and assessment scenarios. This introduced Bill to the soft-skills training environment and he began to formulate the notion that Psychology and Acting both have parts to play in this arena, and that’s when he joined Impact Factory. Here, at last, was a home for both sides of his contradictory nature.

“For me, the big revelation was the work we do at Impact Factory on awareness: awareness of the patterns we usually adopt and awareness of the many times we have the opportunity to choose how to behave and respond. Raising awareness of our choices helps us achieve some control of the impact we make on others.”

At Impact Factory Bill specializes in:

He has worked with clients from diverse organisations such as Coca-Cola, Taylor Wimpey, The European Food Standards Agency, Investment Banks, The Jockey Club, The Bread Factory and Universal Pictures.

“No two delegates are the same, and at Impact Factory no two days are the same – and that’s awesome.”

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