Anne Tipton

Training Consultant at Impact Factory

Anne started directing theatre as an ambitious and passionate 20-year-old. She spent time learning her craft with the best in the business before mounting her own productions at places like the Barbican, the Young Vic and Bristol Old Vic; she also won a few awards for her efforts.

Before long, she was asked to put her skills to use behind a camera and ended up directing a soap opera.

As we all know though, life throws us a curveball every now and then. Due to one such curveball, Anne took a step back from directing and spent some time having no idea where to go next.

During these ‘wilderness years’, she took her skills in theatre to children on mental health wards, worked with some brilliant teenagers in Islington, learned how to make a mean Cappuccino in a café, ran workshops for women on probation, and helped the advocacy team at a domestic violence charity.

Fast forward to now and Anne has managed to return from the wilderness by finding Impact Factory, where she can use the experiences of that time, her expertise in facilitating groups, and her careful study of human behaviour.

At Impact Factory, Anne delivers

When she’s not at Impact Factory, you might find Anne speaking to audiences of up to 500 about personal effectiveness.

She could also be chatting politics and gardening with her very geeky book group, fighting with her husband about which box set they should watch next, or dealing with the constant mess and joy of having two young children.

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