Impact Factory's Trainers

Training Consultants

We live the work we lead; we love the work we do.

Every single one of our trainers has been through a rigorous internal training programme and is accredited as an Impact Factory trainer.

We don't hire associates to deliver our training; it's all delivered by exceptional people that we have trained to be the best in the business.

Have a look below and see if you wouldn't rather have these highly trained, experienced people run your training. As opposed to an associate with no actual association to the provider.

Communication Skills Trainer

Tina Lamb

Tina specialises in Personal Impact, Assertiveness and Networking. Recent Clients include Liberty and ACCA.

Communication with Impact Trainer

Katherine Grice

Katherine is warm, caring and empathetic. Her skills include Customer Service, Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, Personal Impact and Communication Skills.

Impact Factory Training Consultant

Kate Arneil

For me, it's always been the people, not the job. It was a revelation to come to Impact Factory where people ARE the job. Little did I expect the level of personal development it would also offer.

Impact Factory Training Consultant

Janet Addison

Janet - MSc Occupational and Organisational Psychology- is a development professional specialising in behaviour and communication skills for all levels.

Communication with Impact Trainer

Nick Clark Windo

Nick works at the intersection of communication, creativity and business. He is specialised in Project Management, Creative Strategic Thinking, Influencing and Negotiation Skills, Media Skills and Storytelling.

Communication with Impact Trainer

Simon Westwood

Simon brings more than 15 years of global corporate experience to his role as a trainer – but that's only the beginning!

Communication Skills Trainer

Maria Peters

Maria has a real talent for transforming complex learning concepts into exciting educational experiences. She has worked on numerous projects for clients such as BP, BBC, Siemens, Shell, TFL, Volkswagen, in partnership with various charities and museums across London.

Impact Factory Training Consultant

Sarah Dawrant

From political speech writing to stand-up comedy, from marketing to project management, from strategic planning to coaching, from a degree in Sociology to a diploma in public relations Sarah has packed a lot into her life already.

Impact Factory Founding Partner

Robin Chandler- Founding Partner

Robin is a founding partner of Impact Factory. He is responsible for most of the training of Impact Factory's associates and consultants. His specialities are presentation skills training, leadership development, group dynamics, "working a room" and training trainers.

Communication Skills Trainer

Dom Kracmar

Dom is a firm believer in the Impact Factory ethos of giving people space and time to explore and discover things for themselves, to make up their own minds about what works for them

Impact Factory Training Consultant

Katy Miller

Her particular areas of interest are Presentation, because of the parallels with other areas of performance, and Assertiveness because she is an adaptable, empathetic and intuitive individual.

Impact Factory Founding Partner

Jo Ellen Grzyb - Founding Partner

Jo Ellen Grzyb is a keen, passionate and devoted gardener who also happens to be a co-founder and Director of Impact Factory, a training and personal development company specialising in making work a better place to be.

Impact Factory Training Consultant

Tom Bodell

Tom is a trained actor, theatre director and entertainment company manager. As a result, Tom's expertise is in Presentation Skills, Communication Skills and Storytelling. He also has a fondness for Time Management.

Impact Factory Training Consultant

Sheila Neville

Thirteen years ago Sheila qualified as a counsellor and psychotherapist. Her nosiness about what makes people tick keeps her curious, enabling her to hone her skills and widen her perspective and knowledge.

Communication Skills Trainer

Caitlin Shannon

Alongside writing, Caitlin also works for the Ministry of Defence and KPMG on their education and role-play days.

Impact Factory Training Consultant

Ottillie Parfitt

Ottillie draws on her considerable skills and creative background to connect with others. She works with Personal Impact, Presentation and Customer Service.

Impact Factory Training Consultant

James Waters

James specialises in Presentation Skills, Assertiveness, Personal Impact, Facilitation, Influencing and Negotiation among many courses he is involved in.

Communication Skills Trainer

Bill Sheehan

Bill specialises in Presentations Skills, Personal Impact, Negotiation and Customer Service and he’s absolutely brilliant at Forum Theatre.

Communication Skills Trainer

Katie Kensit

Katie's aim is to encourage others through self-awareness and effective communication to create satisfying working relationships and unity.

Communication Skills Trainer

Sarah Creevey

Sarah trains across all areas and has a particular interest in Line Management, Presentation Skills, PowerPoint and Assertiveness.

Communication Skills Trainer

Paul Hughes

Paul, an ex Chelsea and Southampton football midfield, and now a successful manager for Hayes & Yeading United F.C, has a great interest in communication skills, effective leadership and, dare he say it, conflict management!

Media Skills Trainer

Naina Oliver

Naina specialises in Communication and Media Skills, Assertiveness and Personal Impact courses, among others.

anne tipton presentation trainer

Anne Tipton

With an award-winning theatre career including productions at Barbican, the Young Vic and Bristol Old Vic, Anne brings huge expertise in facilitating groups and her careful study of human behaviour. Anne loves helping people with public speaking and presentations. She is also passionate about line management and assertiveness.

impact factory training consultant

Lesley Vickerage

Lesley is a actress, coach and trainer. She brings a relaxed and empathetic approach to the training room, providing a safe environment for creativity and learning. Lesley brings her sense of humour and fun to each course she delivers, focusing on Presentation Skills, Communication Skills and Assertiveness.