Our Ethos

Impact Factory was founded in 1991 and nearly 30 years later we're still here, having grown and developed into the thriving, exciting, dynamic company that we are.

Our two Founding Directors, psychotherapist Jo Ellen Grzyb and actor Robin Chandler formed the company to bring those two professions together to create a unique body of Professional Personal Development work.

The work is based on a number of guiding principles:

  • Understanding the feelings people have when they are required to raise their game, when they experience change or when they need to be more effective, motivated and enthusiastic
  • Behaviour change is hard at the best of times, so we encourage change that's doable and compatible with each person's individuality. We avoid any attempt at wholesale personality transplants
  • Making the smallest change for the biggest impact. Sustainable and relevant behaviour change will only work if it isn't hard to do and has a big pay off - anything else is a waste of time and money
  • Having fun. We believe that people more easily take on new behaviours and thinking in an environment that is enjoyable and light-hearted so that the serious stuff is much easier to deal with

Well-Founded Beliefs

Something else that sets us apart from just about every other training company is the fact our facilitators can do it all: we don't hire training deliverers and we don't have account managers.

What we have is a group of dedicated people, all of whom are, or are developing to become Training Consultants in the business.

They get involved in all aspects of the company's work, from marketing to developing the work itself and of course to delivering it.

What Does It Take

To find out what it takes to become an Impact Factory Consultant have a look at our Becoming a Consultant page

Not only that, the same facilitators run our Public Courses, our tailored training programmes and our One to One coaching work: the quality is the same no matter the format.

We have a multi-talented Home Team who keep the company's engine running and are equally important in developing the company.

Our work has been delivered to the Private Sector, the Public Sector and individuals who want to develop their skills and become better at what they do.

We don't rest too much on our laurels either. As the world changes and training requirements evolve, so does our work. Professional Personal Development is re-designed each and every day to meet the needs of all the individuals who take part in Impact Factory programmes.

Read more about Robin and Jo Ellen's personal journeys to Impact Factory.