Organisational Development

Sometimes it makes sense to invite someone in to your organisation who has no axe to grind, no hidden agenda, no ‘Vision’ of what should or shouldn’t be happening within the company.

The problem with some consultancies is that they can create hostility and fear even before they’ve begun.

Concern that number crunching accountants will come in and make lists of who should get the chop, which departments will get slashed and what might get tossed out with the bath water.

Yes, consultancies do have a bad reputation in some places, which is a shame, as consultancies can offer something far more positive than slash and burn.

Our Senior Team is really good at assessing communication issues that exist within companies and then helping to unblock log jams, challenge communication dynamics and entrenched behaviours.

Their unbiased perspective makes them ideal for looking at pragmatic solutions that take into account everyone’s point of view.

Having said that, it’s not just about dealing with difficulties and problems; we can also offer support to organisations that want to develop their communication ‘capabilities’ and stretch their skills.

This is how we can help ‘make work a better place to be.’

Organisational Development

Hands up right now – we aren’t experts in Organisational Development.

We are experts in understanding the way people communicate, how teams work, what impact good and bad Leadership has and how to ensure that the difficult conversations that need to happen, happen.

This is a process that asks people within an organisation to dig deep, be honest and be creative so that our Team can advise and implement a strategy that works for the good of the company and the people in it.

We say that the true skill of consultancy is to be bold, but not cut-throat; authentic without being mercenary.

It could be teams not working well together, the management structure needing re-evaluation, a shake up of the senior management’s role, a complete review of internal communication, or conflict resolution.

Though not always comfortable, this kind of consultancy can transform the way your team or whole organisation functions.


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