Presentation Skills Courses

Presentation Skills Courses

Presenting doesn't have to be a matter of life and death...although at times it feels like it.

At Impact Factory we help people become skilled, articulate and passionate presenters - the best they can possibly be.

Who should attend Impact Factory's Presentation Skills courses?

You may have people who are new to the presentation 'game' and who need to understand just what happens to them when they have to stand and deliver and how they can become confident and effective presenters. You may have people who have been around the presentation block and are in a rut, giving acceptable, but not brilliant presentations.

You may have people who have to present detailed and technical information without putting their audience to sleep. Presenting detailed information may be important but if the presenter's audience isn't engaged then they've made their job of putting across information even harder.

All of these people could benefit from our confidence-building Presentation Skills programmes.

In addition, you may have individuals who have to:

  • Give Key Note Speeches
  • Make Presentations at Conference
  • Pitch Crucial Client Presentations
  • Make Boardroom Presentations
  • Pitch Ideas Internally
  • Talk to the Public or Media
  • Make Sales Presentations

Presentation Skills Open Courses

Presentation Skills Course - one day

This one-day presentation skills course is open to anyone who has decided they really want to develop as a presenter. It doesn't so much deal with the "right way" to present, rather it looks at understanding how the environment in which we have to present works, and how individual presenters can "work that environment" in a way which best suits their presentation style.
Price £495.00

Presentation Skills - two day

This two-day Public Presentation Training Course is open to anyone who wants to do some in-depth work on their ability as a Presenter. It covers all the material from the one day course with a good deal more time devoted to practice. You will work on perfecting your presentation style and preparing for all presentation eventualities.
Price £995.00

Advanced Presentation Skills Course

This course is designed to throw experienced presenters into the deep end. Whether you are an experienced presenter who has never had any formal training, or your presentations have begun to feel stale and you feel the need to ‘shake things up’, our Advanced Presentation Skills training will help you raise the bar from good to great.
Price £495.00

PowerPoint Presentations Course

This one day course looks at Building PowerPoint Presentations. It's aimed at helping those who already work with PowerPoint to finesse their next presentations. Drawing from film and story structures we explore how to create impactful Presentations. It's a practical and intensive day covering everything you need to make a dynamic impact.
Price £450.00

Public Speaking Course

Conquering the Fear. Did you know that public speaking tops the list of phobias for most people? Not spiders or heights - public speaking - speech in public! In fact, research has revealed that in general people fear speaking in public more than death itself.
Price £450.00

Storytelling for Business Course

This one-day Storytelling for Business Course is open to anyone who needs to improve their storytelling skills. It will teach you to tell stories that stir the imagination and touch peoples feelings. Data-driven information tends to speak to people’s intellect – while stories stir their imagination and reach their feelings. That’s what makes stories such a powerful tool to engage and motivate.
Price £495.00

Impact Factory's Courses are CPD Accredited

Six Good Reasons to Choose
Our CPD Accredited
Presentation Skills Courses


Some of the best Soft Skills
Facilitators on the Planet

Impact Factory trainers undertake a rigorous Internal Training Programme to reach the high standards we require for anyone delivering our work.

They are all trained to adapt the work to suit the needs of the people in the room as well as fulfil the objectives of the client.


You may qualify for a Discount
on some of our Courses

We have Early Bird discounts, Preferential prices for Charities and people paying for their own course, discounts for Multiple bookings and more.

Call 0808 1234 909 to find out more.


10 mins from Kings Cross, Euro Star
30 mins from City Airport

Impact Factory is convenient for trains, planes and automobiles...and buses too.

We are: 10 minutes from King's Cross and St Pancras 3 minutes from The Angel underground station 2 minutes from the numerous bus stops. All taxi drivers know the Business Design Centre well.

The Hilton Hotel and Premier Inn are next door


A Scrumptious Lunch from
The Good Eating Company

The Good Eating Company has an outstanding reputation for innovative and inspiring catering.

Delicious food, all freshly cooked on the premises.

If you get through their excellent main courses, you can indulge in one of their most divine puddings.


Stylish Well Equipped Training Rooms

Not Hotel Rooms!

Our training rooms are unexpected and unusual while still being smart and fun to work in.

Bright, modern, with plenty of room for our eclectic style of working.

We have intimate rooms for one-to-one work.

Regular rooms for up to 10 people.

And a large room for groups of up to 40.


The BDC is an Iconic Venue with a range of Exhibitions through the year

The Business Design Centre, an architectural jewel in the heart of Islington.

Once a Victorian agricultural hall, it is now home to interesting and unusual companies and a full calendar of exhibitions and events throughout the year.

The Business Design Centre is disabled access, as are the offices and training rooms at Impact Factory.

Training Course Accreditation

Communication Skills Trainer Accreditation

To ensure that the courses you attend are of the highest quality, offering the best professional tuition possible, all our Open Courses are evaluated and accredited.

This accredited course is suitable for corporate and public sector Continuing Professional Development Plans and Portfolios.


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