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The "Media" now plays such an important role in modern business and commerce that literally no one can ignore it.

Anyone can find themselves in the spotlight at any time and in dire need of some media skills training to help them cope with the situation.

Whether giving a quick interview, or a formal press conference, whether you're promoting a product or defending a position, you need to feel confident and competent in order to be able to handle the pressures of the media.

For most of us, the TV or radio studio can be a very intimidating place to be.

For the uninitiated it is often downright scary.

Some of the best communicators can freeze under this sort of pressure and consequently they fail to get their ideas over when placed in front of a camera or microphone.

What you say and how you say it can mean the difference between surviving, with your name and credibility intact or suffering long-term damage to your or your company's reputation.

Knowing how the media works is crucial

Just learning the golden rules of interview techniques will enable you to feel confident and to project the right image for you and your organisation, gaining maximum impact from any media coverage.

Understanding the journalist's approach and how to construct effective 'sound bites' can help you get your message across clearly and effectively.

This will help you get the most out of your (usually short) time 'on air'.

Having these media skills makes it possible for you to go into media situations aware of the many possible pitfalls.

More importantly, it will enable you to turn them into opportunities.

The people we remember most from media interviews tend to be those who can express knowledge of their subject clearly and succinctly with passion and conviction.

Therefore the place to start is work on honing your material so that you feel good about what you are saying and have it crafted to suit the medium you're using.

A good interview is never just a lucky chance, it will be down to some excellent media skills training.

It's always given by someone who has done a great deal of media preparation beforehand.


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