Are Your Customers Satisfied?

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Are Your Customers Satisfied?

Active Listening is key to good Customer Service.

This article argues that every member of your company should train to be an active listener.

Do you monitor how satisfied your customer's are with the service or product provided to them?

If you do great, if not, you definitely need to start.

The reason to maintain customer loyalty is obvious, look at all the competition that is in the market place.

Customer loyalty to you and your product or service is a key component to maintaining a successful business.

Where to begin? Begin by improving you & your companies listening skills at all levels.

Every contact made by you or your personnel via the internet, phone or in person is a potential "Customer Moment" and can provide early indications of potential problems.

I mean everybody, from the dock to board room; train yourself and personnel to listen.

Listen to what may be considered a trivial or off the cuff comment, document it and discuss internally.

These comments may actually become a real customer issue, and if dealt with sooner rather than later will build customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Next, develop a feedback system that supports the collection of customer information and can even provide a response mechanism when required.

To implement this system, you will need to assign a person or small team to decide what is best for your business and customer base.

You might even engage some of your faithful customers in this project.

Active listening to you customers is not easy at first, but you will recognise the power and monetary benefit of avoiding customer complaints and heading off problems before they escalate.

Just remember the last time you were the recipient of poor customer service!

Do not fail to act on what you information gained through your customers voice.

If additional training is required seek out subject matter professionals and organisations to assist you.

The investment will be worth it, just ask your customers what they think!

This article was contributed by Kent Jacobson, a.k.a. Mr. Success Shortcut 2 Success

Kent Jacobson, a.k.a. "Mr. Success" is a trusted authority in the success field and provides valuable success information. Copyright 2006 Kent Jacobson, a.k.a. Mr. Success


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