Career Action Coaching

Career Action Coaching

A fully tailored session focused wholly on your career.

This work is undertaken by specialised Impact Factory Partners.

This is what Career Action can do for you:

  • Assess where you are in your career, where you want to be and how to get there.
  • Develop a strategy - whether you're seeking a promotion, looking for a new career or going freelance.
  • Provide you with unbiased support, objectivity, focus and motivation.
  • Identify what's holding you back and what you can do to shift it.
  • Help you decide what career best suits your talents.
  • Determine what (if any) new skills or training you require.
  • Prepare you for interviews: a new job, annual review, internal promotion.

Career Development Advice

Is your career stuck?
Do you not know what to do next?
Is the best of you being wasted?
Are you earning less than you could?
Are you unhappy or fed up at work? 

A Career Action coach will work with you on the development of your current career; help with the change of your career; give advice options and ideas about your present career situation.

Career Action Coaching

A Career Action Coach will reassess your career path, break up the log jams, help you make effective decisions and give you a real burst of inspiration and self confidence.

Impact Factory Career Coaches offer one-to-one, intensive and straight-talking career guidance that will make a significant difference to your working life.

Personal Career Development

A Career Action session will be tailored specifically to your situation and is suitable at any stage in your working life, from getting your foot on the ladder, to making career leaps or changes, to preparing for retirement.

Our Career Action facilitators are highly experienced, perceptive and easy to talk to. 

They has been working in career development and with issues of change and growth for many years and bring a special understanding of the difficulties that people have with their careers.

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Career Development Advice

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To ensure that the courses you attend are of the highest quality, offering the best professional tuition possible,
all our Open Courses are evaluated and accredited.

This accredited course is suitable for corporate and public sector Continuing Professional Development Plans and Portfolios.

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There is a 20% discount on all Early Bird and Late Bookings. The course must be paid for at the time of booking.

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