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Is anybody Recruiting?

Even though we hear of more and more redundancies during these parlous times, companies are still recruiting for the best people available.

Actually, we're fairly sure that organisations will be seeking new employees that stand out from the crowd because they really can't afford too much bedding in time.

We reckon that anyone recruited to a new job these days will have to hit the ground running and be up to speed with what's needed double quick.

Having said that, recruitment isn't always so straight forward.

People might look terrific on paper but when you meet them, your heart sinks because they just don't have that hidden ingredient that's right for your company.

Conversely, if you are the one being recruited, your heart may sink as you realise that you 'face doesn't fit' and the job or company isn't really right for you.

Recruitment/employment agencies and head-hunters - if they're really good - can take some of the angst out of searching for new members of staff.

If they are briefed well and understand your company, then they are responsible for managing the initial hassle of vetting people and weeding out the ones who won't be right.

If you are a potential candidate, you also need to brief them well so they put you up for jobs that will suit not just your skills but your personality as well.

Of course other ways of recruiting people are through newspaper advertising, internet sites specialising in recruitment, job search engines, job centres and that good old standby word of mouth.

The key thing here is that whether you are doing the recruiting or being recruited, you have to be really really clear about exactly what you want, are able to articulate that and not to accept someone, or some job, you don't really want just because it's expedient.



Interview Skills Training


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