Coaching - What We're Not

Tina Lamb

Coaching and Mentoring

Tina Lamb is an Impact Factory Senior Training Consultant, who has been with us for nearly a decade now.

Tina is our Head of Open Courses and runs our Business Networking, Personal Impact, Assertiveness, Facilitation and Conflict Management courses.

She has an infectious and enthusiastic training style much revered by her clients.


Coaching - 'What We're Not' by Tina Lamb

We are not...

Coaching and Mentoring

* Moustached
* Dull
* Or cheap

We are not...

* Going to tell you what to do
* Going to overwhelm you with models
* Going to use clichéd phrases
* Going to set the pace you work

We are not...

* One dimensional
* Interested in jargon
* Interested in self-limiting beliefs
* Addicted to our suits
* In your face
* Scary
* Self-important

We are not... the answer, but we will listen, steer and offer up ways to make life at work a little easier!

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British Transport Police - Coaching and Mentoring Course

Enjoyed the day and your delivery style was spot on for this course. Nice to be in a group that wasn't filled with 'cynical coppers' and the diversity of the group really made the day not only interesting to me but beneficial in my own development.
Rae Jiggins - British Transport Police

Burton Safes - Coaching and Mentoring Course

“A very different approach to training to those I've been used to and for me it was much better than the traditional classroom-based learning I've done in the past". 
Jeremy Elson - Burton Safes

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