More than just training

We think the word 'training' is too restrictive. Impact Factory's work is all about people interacting with other people, and as such is definitely more than just training - it's personal.

People take on new behaviours and attitudes best when there is a parallel shift in their personal development. And since no two of us are the same, no two sessions can be the same. This means the programme has to fit the people in the room, rather than trying to get the people to fit the programme.

Our work usually includes a look at what's already being done well; recognising and acknowledging people for the work they do day in and day out. We seek to create a sense of good self-esteem, combine it with personal insight and add an understanding of how communication really works. Only from that position of 'feeling good' is it possible to look at how to move things forward.

A key to our work is that we only use what people bring. There's no point creating made-up scenarios; real-life experiences contain enough material to be meaningful and practical. We don't run sit-and-take-notes programmes. Theory's all well and good, but if it stays in your head it won't get you anywhere.

Our job is to get to the heart of the communications and people issues you've got and find the easiest, quickest and most enjoyable way of solving them. We want people to leave a workshop ready and eager to continue developing themselves, rather than leave 'trained'.



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