Mentoring Training

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Mentoring Training

Don't do it alone!

Impact Factory's mentor training is designed to give mentors and mentee's insight into what effective mentoring actually means.

At last! Lots more companies are waking up to the fact that people can't always do it alone.

What is a mentor?

Well, employees need support, guidance and nurturing.

To help with this, organisations are putting mentoring programmes in place.

All well and good.

However, once in place, a lot of people don't quite know where to go from there.

The Purpose Of Mentoring

  • What does a mentor do?
  • How should mentoring work?
  • What are its aims and objectives?
  • What does being a mentor mean?
  • And how do people use a mentor if they've been assigned one?

Effective mentoring is unbiased, objective support that identifies the qualities and abilities in other people and develops them.

It identifies which hurdles are hard to get over and finds ways to get over or circumvent them when appropriate.

Whether you are the mentor or the mentee, using the mentoring forum can be hugely rewarding.

Mentor training courses

Impact Factory creates comprehensive mentoring training courses on mentoring training and coaching designed to give mentors and mentees insight into what effective mentoring actually means.

We help them define goals and parameters that are suitable within their company's culture.

Our mentor courses look at:

  • Boundary setting
  • Dealing with stressful situations
  • Retaining objectivity in the face of someone else's emotions
  • How to present difficulties and problems without dumping
  • Guiding someone to a solution without telling them
  • Finding options and making active choices

All this is coupled with practical communication techniques, especially useful in one-to-one mentoring situations.

Having designed a number of mentoring courses for different companies we know that this kind of mentoring training can make a huge difference to the effectiveness of a mentoring programme.

It helps clarify the larger purpose of mentoring but also gives people relevant tools and techniques to be able to make the most of their mentoring schemes.

When a mentoring programme is introduced into companies and it's well run, it can make a significant difference to how people perform and how they feel about the organisations they work for.

Many people find it extremely difficult asking for support or admitting that they don't already know it all.

With a mentoring programme, you immediately alleviate the embarrassment factor and make it far easier for people to look at areas they might otherwise cover up or ignore.

Mentoring Programmes

You may be thinking of creating a mentoring programme and need support in giving people the mentoring skills they need to be excellent mentors.

You may already have one in place, but realise that your designated mentors could use some tools and techniques to help clarify their additional roles.

You may not even have a formal mentoring programme but you may have people who are being asked to perform the role of mentors or simply find themselves in that role before they realise it's happened!

These are all good reasons to give your chosen mentors additional guidance, encouragement and mentoring training to give them the mentoring skills to back them up while working with their mentees.

Effective Mentoring Training

Our Mentoring Training programmes can be tailored as an in-house programme to address specific issues within your own company.

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Mentoring Skills Training

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This accredited course is suitable for corporate and public sector Continuing Professional Development Plans and Portfolios.

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