Management Skills Training

We are now running tailored training face to face.
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Management Training Skills

From newly appointed managers to those who have been in harness for a while, good management skills are essential for success.

Too often good people start with high hopes and expectations but end up either leaving their management role or becoming demotivated.

That doesn't need to happen.

Tailored Management Training

Managing people doesn't have to be daunting or difficult, but it often happens that good people don't develop the skills they need and end up becoming mediocre or even poor managers.

Our Management Training focuses on stopping that from happening and giving managers the skills to succeed right from the beginning.

It's important to know that you're not alone in this: good people get promoted and there is an assumption that because they have been good in one job they will automatically be good in a management role.

We start our management training by squashing that assumption and get down to the truth that all managers need some basic skills to help them be a success in the job.

Tailored and In-House Management Training

Our management training skills programmes can be tailored as in-house programmes to address specific issues within your own company.

Key skills that managers struggle with are:

  • Doing it all instead of delegating
  • Feeling they have to look busy all the time to justify their role
  • Wanting to be 'one of the boys/girls' instead of managing them
  • Avoiding conflict and not intervening when it's needed
  • Inadequately managing their own and other's time
  • Hiding in the detail instead of getting strategic

Now not everyone does all of these but our management training courses are designed to give managers (old and new) more confidence in their abilities to be able to tackle some of the traps they fall into.

Key Management Skills

We help people shift their beliefs about what a manager is supposed to do and we look at key management skills such as:

  • Delegation
  • Motivating and supporting team members
  • Giving essential feedback
  • Keeping people on board
  • Becoming more decisive
  • Taking responsibility
  • Managing conflict
  • Learning how to feed upwards
  • Establishing clear boundaries
  • Setting and achieving team and individual goals

Newly Promoted Managers

You may have people in your company who are excellent in their jobs but when they get promoted to the next rung up seem to lose that excellence and end up being less than great managers.

Some of these people, we know, often leave because it's all too stressful or they go back to the jobs they had before.

It may be that you've recruited some new managers but they need more of a grounding in first-rate line management skills to prepare them for their roles.

Skilled Managers

It could also be that you have highly skilled managers who have been around awhile and you'd like them to refresh their competencies and polish up their knowledge.

Our management training programmes can be tailored for first-line, middle and senior managers.

They can be tailored for the newest recruits and the longest-serving managers.

Our management training courses aim to re-energise people and help them become the best manager they can be with the skills to back them up.

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