Line Management Training

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Line Management Training

Line management can mean a lot of things to a lot of people.

Whatever the challenges your line managers face, tailored training can help to address the specifics that they find tricky.

Often it’s around delegation, giving difficult feedback and keeping teams motivated.

Every organisation has its own challenges - to which we can define and deliver a tailored solution.

New Line Manager

So you're a new Line Manager and you suddenly find you need a whole lot of new skills that you may not have needed in your previous role.

  • Delegation
  • Motivating
  • Performance Management
  • Supporting Team Members
  • Giving Feedback
  • Decision Making
  • Managing Conflict
  • Reporting Upwards

to name but a few.

Confidence to Manage

Our training courses for line management are designed to give participants the confidence to manage others quickly.

We start from the premise that things are bound to go wrong.

The very process of management assumes the need for control of a series of processes that left to their own devices would inevitably go wrong.

Generally, when things go wrong it's the people who are most difficult to deal with not the processes they are engaged in.

Training for Line Management

You have to find your own style as a manager.

There is no right way, there is only what you can make work for you.

The good news is that if you concentrate on the things you already have going for you, you will get some quick wins and early results that will reinforce your confidence as a new line manager.

One of the biggest hurdles is that everybody expects you to know stuff and have the answers.

From Managed to Manager

So first we will focus on what has changed in moving from managed to manager.

Then we'll have a look at what qualities or resources are needed to step up to the line management role.

Our initial work will be focused on staying in charge of the situation, recovering from getting wrong-footed, moving things forward and knowing you have something else to try.

We'll look at all the things the line manager is responsible for including all the extra things that come with the role but aren't necessarily in the job description!

Managers Responsibilities

Important things like Key Performance Indicators, Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental Responsibility.

It's all these extra things that can make a promotion to line management seem more of a curse than a blessing.

You can't learn them all in two days; some of them you may never fully understand, but as a manager, you need to "know someone who does".

Getting Perspective

We will help you get line management into perspective.

Delegates will construct a 'change curve' showing the sort of emotional journey they might experience from being first given a line management role, through the feeling of overwhelm, to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel - in other words being a confident, competent manager.

How do you help people cope with change?

We none of us like it and we all tend to avoid or resist it, so we'll include some work on making change more palatable.

You will need to focus on getting things done.


As a Line manager you could reasonably assume that having delegated something to someone, you will be clearly understood, and can turn your attention to our next task.

One of the first things a new manager learns is, more often than not, what we say and what we mean and what someone hears and what they do are actually quite different.

Creating Trust

Creating trust is a key skill for anyone managing others.

Many managers expect their team members to trust them without making any of the effort needed to make people feel safe.

We will look at the sort of language people can use when delivering tough messages, introducing a new idea they are not sure the other person is going to like, asking someone to do something for them or even just saying no.

We know that the line manager role will be quite different in different companies and we are adept at tailoring our training for line managers to fit a companies needs.

Line Management Training Can Include

  • Turning people down without actually saying 'No'
  • Empowering others to deliver
  • Saying 'Yes' while not giving away or taking on too much
  • Influencing with Flair
  • Bringing Values to Life
  • Setting Targets
  • Sending the Right Message
  • Deciding What is important
  • Managing Performance
  • Managing Poor Performers
  • Dealing with Conflict
  • Shouting up the Management Hierarchy
  • Giving Bad News

Open Management Courses

At Impact Factory we have a range of training to help new and even well-experienced managers get better at their jobs:

Tailored Line Management Programmes

As well as running courses, we are great to talk to and are happy to have a chat about your management training needs.

Our Management Training programmes can be tailored for first-line, middle and senior managers.

They can be tailored for the newest recruits and the longest-serving managers.

The aim of our management training courses is to re-energise people and help them become the best manager they can be with the skills to back them up.

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