Writing for the Web and Other Media

Writing for the Web and Other Media

Technology can sometimes create monsters we simply have to learn to tame.

Electronic communication is one of those monsters.


Email, the internet, intranets, blogs, e-newsletters, e-magazines, e-brochures, e-flyers, unwanted spam, message boards, forums, social networks.

The list grows and grows of even more ways that we can communicate.

The problem is that with each new technological 'breakthrough' we seem to invent more ways of miscommunicating with each other, or certainly communicating badly when writing for the web and other media.

Bad Writing

Websites abound that have ghastly writing, so packed with information and fancy whiz-bang bits that it's hard to navigate, let alone find what you're looking for.

The real problem is that right from the beginning of these new modes of communication people have tended to write the way they wrote other forms of communication: printed brochures, newsletters, documents.

What they didn't and still haven't taken into account is that they don't have the kind of captive audience they may have had in the past.

People Read Differently

With attention spans at a minimum, people may be drawn initially to your website, but unless they are captivated, will leave it in a nanosecond, off to see what goodies some other site will offer.

The Essence of Writing for the Web and Other Media

That's the thing about writing for the web and other media - it isn't about offering masses of information (though well-presented there's really nothing wrong with that at all); it's all about building and developing relationships with your unseen audience.

It's about distinguishing your brand identity so it's consistent, compelling and enticing.

It's about making your 'surfers' feel welcome and it's about honing your message so that people get it as soon as they start reading your electronic communication.

Tailoring your Skills with Writing for the Web and Other Media

Writing for the Web and Other Media is a terrific skill that can make a huge difference in the way your audience relates to you, your company, your products and services.

You can decide how you want your readers to feel and respond and you can create convincing and persuasive copy to keep them wanting more!

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