Stress Management Quiz

Stress Management Quiz

Take our quiz below and see how you are managing your pressure:

1. You get a fixed penalty for speed coming into work, do you:

a. Make a mental note that you need to charge the sat nav
b. Realise it really is less fuss on public transport
c. Fuming - secretly plot to put a firework in the speed camera when it's dark..then forget about it.
d. Allow it to nag all-day and really get frustrated

2. The partner or child (could be the same) is taking longer than usual to get ready to leave - and is making you late for a meeting - do you:

a. Shout at them you will leave without them anytime soon and generally get cross
b. Phone your colleague to tell them about your potential lateness
c. Get very assertive and usher them out of the door
d. Sit and mutter - growing angry -watching the hand on the clock

3. The proposal you have put a fair bit of extra effort into gets politely trashed by your manager, do you:

a. Take it on the chin and get some useful feedback
b. Take it on the chin and have a little moan to one of your colleagues
c. Take it on the chin and remember there are a few good sections that might be useful in the up and coming proposal you have to write
d. Take it on the chin, dig your heels in and find yourself rerunning the scenario with your manager that night when you should be asleep

4. Your morning gets potentially hijacked by a presentation stand-in for a sick colleague - do you:

a. Delegate it to the new intern and spend 30 minutes coaching him
b. Cancel it - you're too busy
c. Cancel your one to ones and spend an hour preparing
d. Clear your diary and do-it-anyway...only to find out the main player for the meeting is also off sick and you wasted your time

5. The long-running project you have been working on it in its final stages of negotiation - your house sale falls through, do you:

a. Explain to the team what has happened and adjourn for 30 minutes while you get it together
b. Explain to the team what has happened and head to the bathroom for a good cry
c. Excuse yourself and take the rest of the day off - and think of ways to assassinate your estate agent
d. Try to 'stay professional' and completely miss one or two vital details because your head was in another place

6. You are having a bit of a 'tricky patch' with your partner - and you leave the house edgy after another disagreement, do you:

a. Try to put it out of your head - it just another rock on the road
b. Think about if this will be important to you in a year - probably not
c. Make time to call your partner when you get in and smooth things over
d. Try to put it out of your head - unsuccessfully - and you feel exhausted by all the thinking about it you have done by 4 pm and give a colleague a hard time over an insignificant detail

7. The train is cancelled - you are due in for your appraisal with your manager - lateness has been an issue, do you:

a. Completely panic and take the whole day off sick
b. Get one of the staff at the station to verify the cancellation with a written note and then phone in to the office
c. Phone the office from the station and grovel
d. Drift in late again - because frankly, I'm over this place

So, are you storing up stress?

If you answered "d" to more than one or two of these you may be storing up stress and...

there really is something you can do about it...

Our Stress Management Training helps people recognise the impact of excess pressure on themselves and others, and enables participants to be more effective at work and at home.

Tailored specifically to each group, Stress Management is designed to help employees and managers better deal with the pressures of the modern workplace.

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