Staff Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal

Improve Your Management and Avoid Boring Paperwork with in-depth interviews, filling out complicated forms and planning career development.

No wonder it scares people.

But if you do it every day, it's a breeze.

Performance Appraisal

It's About On Job Performance, Not Form Filling

Performance appraisal is about measuring performance.

It's not about filling out complicated forms which purport to measure performance. There's a huge difference.

Anyone Can Do It

Customers can measure performance.

So can staff.

They can measure their own and that of their colleagues.

Trainees and apprentices can do it. Engineers do it all the time!

An Example of Daily Appraisal

I know of a one maintenance company that calls every customer the day after their tradesman's finished each job.

In that call, the customer provides feedback on how well the tradesman's met company standards.

Where the tradesman's done well, the customer's invited to provide a reference.

The tradesman gains points towards a cumulative incentive payment.

The Absolute Essential

Simple, measurable performance standards are essential for daily performance appraisals.

These must be in place whether the work involved is simple or complex.

The production of a simple computer-based report can be measured instantly by the person who produces it, provided the standards are clear. It can be as simple as "This report must include the following details ... "

Complex Jobs

Before commencing complex jobs or projects, set the standards for successful completion of each stage.

These can be built into the computer program. They can include measures of effective co-operation between individuals or groups.

What's It All About?

You as a manager can forget "performance appraisal" in the conventional terms.

You do need to learn two new questions. "What were the standards?" "Did you meet them"?

Let your customers and staff get on with the business of measuring employee performance.

Value Of Customer Feedback

If you use some sort of customer feedback or response form, ensure that the questions elicit information related precisely to your standards.

What Else Do You Do Need To Do?

Firstly, get rid of obstructive and complicated processes and procedures that stop your people from measuring performance.

Ask your staff to tell you what these are. Be warned. Some of your pet ideas may go.

You may have to improve your systems and teach your people to set and measure standards.

But that's all. Trust your people. Delegate daily performance appraisal.


Make performance appraisal part and parcel of the everyday work of you and your people.

Forget about the confronting interviews, the frightening forms and the career development speculation.

You'll also find that the actual performance of your people will improve out of sight.

This article was contributed by Leon Noone

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