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Public Speaking

Unless you're put in a position by a daughter who's had the temerity to get married and consequently placed you in the firing line, or if you're the newlywed husband who, at the very least, has to thank the bridesmaids, public speaking is something most sane people try to avoid... and with good reason.

Few of us did much more than one-line spear-carrying in the Christmas school play.

Even fewer took lessons in oratory at school as the ancient Greeks did.

But sometimes when the call goes out, you just have to step up and bat for the sake of the team.

From saying goodbye to colleagues after 25 years at the widget factory to making the keynote speech at the annual company conference, the range of public speaking demands are wide but have one in common... the fear factor.

Apart from the obvious stress that public speaking situations like this cause us, there's the stress of writing a speech in the first place.

How to start, how to stand, how to this and that and about another dozen when's, why's, and where's.

The major thing to bear in mind with public speaking is that you have to be yourself because nothing reads more falsely than a bad actor.

Get to know the way you come across, ask colleagues what your public speaking style is because being you is usually what you'll default to when under pressure.

Use what works and ignore what you think you're bad at.

It's easier said than done, but once it takes hold and sinks in you'll begin to feel it make perfect sense.

You should look to build public speaking confidence by reinforcing what you do well, not shatter it by reminding yourself of all the things you don't do well.

If you can identify your personal style and develop your public speaking confidence, you'll feel more able to make a speech.

Not just an able speech, but an impactful and memorable one at that.

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