Actively Seeking Promotion

Actively Seeking Promotion

When am I Going to Get Promoted?

When going for a promotion you have to be at the top of your game.

Ready For Challenge

You have to present yourself as outstanding and ready for the next challenge.

You have to convince your colleagues that you have the skills to move to the next level.

In tough times some companies may put a moratorium on promotions and pay rises.

Desire For Promotion

That shouldn't stop you having conversations about those very subjects with the decision-makers.

They may not be able to give you what you want, but you don't have to slink away and wait for the good times to return.

There's great mileage in positioning yourself as deserving and capable.

How You're Viewed

In addition, there's lots you can be doing right now to make a difference in how you are viewed within your organisation.

For instance, Barak Obama, the American President-Elect enhanced his chances of getting elected by acting presidential long before the actual election.

Act As If

While his rival was running a campaign Mr Obama presented himself as the President, in his demeanour, in the way he presented himself and in his attitude to what was happening around him.

A good lesson for anyone who is seeking promotion.

Act as if you already have the promotion.

Impress Now

Think the way you imagine someone in the new position would think.

Pre-empt any questions or doubts by imagining what those questions and doubts might be and handling them.

Manage how others see you by looking for opportunities to shine.

In other words, don't wait to be promoted to impress, start impressing right now.

Actively Seeking Promotion

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