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Project Management

Project management as the name suggests is the task of setting and achieving targets while optimising the use of different resources such as time, money, people, materials, energy, space etc. over the course of a project.

With the growing popularity and use of Internet the world of project management has witnessed a revolution.

Today with the aid of Internet project management has become a relatively quite simple and time-saving task.

Project management through the internet, known as web-based project management creates a real-time visibility for project managers and management with the help of which they can anytime and anywhere monitor their company's functioning.

While initially the project manager or team leader had to leave his place to inquire about the various team members for follow-ups, now with web-based project management and its real-time updates this time can be effectively saved.

Web-based project management works by centralising complete project information onto a single server that tracks all the work being done.

As a result, every member of the team can access the requisite info anytime.

This not just saves their extremely precious time but also enables them to work more efficiently and conveniently.

With web-based project management where the manager finds it easy to set deadlines and targets online the team members too just need to log in to view their assigned tasks.

As the work is finished the members can send their reports online and also get the reviews in the like manner.

This helps the project manager to track the progress of the project without taking the pain of interacting verbally with his members.

Another wonderful feature of the web-based project management is the automatic e-mail notification system.

Due to this system the moment the scheduled task is finished or needs an update, an automatic email is sent to the concerned person.

One amongst the eminent web-based software for intranet or extranet is the Instant Business Network or IBN software.

The IBN software functions to enable the multi-location teams to share information in real time, monitor and manage resources, share files and interact with team members.

A unique and noteworthy feature of the IBN software is that it can integrate with almost any kind of system or database to enable transmission of information.

Other wonderful aspects of the software include Project or Portfolio management, file or document management, shared lists and records, issues tracking, files and assets library, team calendaring, secure instant messaging, MS Windows integrations, MS Office Integration, screen capture, support for MAC, Linux, Unix and SOA architecture.

Another brilliant web-based project management and resource management solution is

This useful package performs various tasks such as issue tracking, defining, mapping and aligning strategy, acquiring information and examining the results. Unlike other such software, eRealize allows the user to state the wanted result, organise the resources and plan the projects accordingly.

The software especially focuses on the communication and visibility as the prime sources to collaboration. So with eRealize you log in, click 'new activity' and start entering your 'to do' list.

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